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Get A Hobby

The dictionaries definition of hobby is this “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.”

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As children we all have hobbies. We have plenty of free time, therefore we have hobbies. Some of us continue with these hobbies our whole lives, most of us don’t.

As “adults” we need a hobby or two. Judging by our obesity statistics my opinion is that that hobby could do with being somewhat physical. A hobby that makes you sweat and improves your physical fitness is the best kind of hobby.

A lot of retired people need more hobbies. This would help occupy their time, assist with the aging process and lastly (and hopefully) give them an interest besides targeting young people having fun.

Even though we retire from work at a late age we seem to retire from hobbies much, much earlier. Remember the days when you had time to be bored? BORED! Now most of us just work too much in order to “get ahead”. I don’t quite know what is “ahead” but I do know a life without time for my hobbies is a shit life.

One of my favourite quotes is “You didn’t stop skateboarding because you got old. You got old because you stopped skateboarding”. I don’t skate but this is absolutely perfect.

I am an obsessive hobbyist. When I find something I like, I like to do it. Every so often isn’t enough, that’s not a true hobby. I want to get good at it and everything is a competition, including with myself. It’s gotten to the point where I believe you can monetize any hobby. But why do you want to make money from your hobby?


This isn’t easy. In fact it’s bloody hard, just like life.

This weekend consisted of hobbies, nothing really else. Skimboarding, diving and good food was the order for Saturday

Sunday with better viz and a beaut forecast we were off to hit the water

If you’ve been following me for a while that this is a fairly common thing here. I’m learning more about myself all the time and where my hobbies can take me. It’s much further than you would think.

I welcome you to adopt a similar view.

See you at the beach. Obviously.


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Nothing Motivational

Trying to come up with something motivational and/or thought provoking each week is pretty hard. Talking about what you’ve been up to in the last week is easy.

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In this society which we acknowledge suffers from Tall Poppy Syndrome, talking about yourself is frowned upon especially even hinting that you may be good (or even okay) at something. So here’s the balance. Each week I try to provide something at least a little bit thought provoking…. Whilst talking about myself ha. Neat huh.

This week I don’t really have anything thought provoking but boy am I having a good time. I finally feel a little more focused and am very happy with a few of my latest little projects. Last weekend we shot off for a dive with the intent of getting some fish for the smoker. A slow start but I managed to run hot towards the end. Check it here

Sunday was a smokey day. At times, smoked fish is a huge part of my staple diet. I love the stuff but only with salt. If you use sugar on your smoked fish then you’re doing it wrong. Wrong!

So that’s it for this week. No motivation, just fun.

Luckily having fun in itself is motivating!

See you at the beach!


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Finding Your Thing

We all need a thing. That passion, that interest, that I’m going to go do that on Saturday thing.

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I have four things. These are all things that through experience I know I thoroughly enjoy doing these things more than the average person. Why? I’ve always enjoyed certain thing a lot. Obsessive, enthusiastic, maybe a little bit crazy. That’s why.

I do them as much as possible. Like a lot, several times a week in fact because well, why not? That’s what makes me tick.

The next two videos are all about what makes me tick as I spent another weekend doing these things that I love.

One thing I don’t enjoy is bored people trying to shut other peoples fun down. This day was extremely fun minus one blemish

As for you thing you might be wondering how to find it, what it is, how do you go about it? Well if you don’t have a thing that you are super passionate about then start looking. Do something different. For the average person you need to expand your social circle and have a look around. There’s a few people in different areas doing your thing.

Things are good.

See you at the beach!


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Living Outside The Box

One of more favourite topics to talk about is life. More specifically how we seem to live in a box. We go to school, then we get to go to Uni, accumulate debt then settle into a 40 year career where we work too much and get two weeks off at Christmas. Awesome huh!

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Not really. This exact way of living is what I’m trying to avoid. It just seems boring.

I want excitement, I want variety, I want new things but most of all I want to create. I talk to a lot of people about what’s going on. Some of them even like to express how lucky I am to be doing what I’m doing which in my opinion seems to completely disregard my choices to do this. It’s all luck, I didn’t actually choose or work towards it. I just got lucky. Thanks. Dumbass.

In the last week I’ve had a couple of experiences pawned off as luck. First up is an interview I had with Matt Watson of the ITM Fishing Show. No luck involved if you ask me, just hours and hours of putting in work to get to that place.

The next day was Marlin fishing day. Yes there’s luck involved here. An educated guess will put you in a rough position as to where the fish are. There’s a bit of luck involved if you hook up or not. We did 🙂

Here’s a couple of bonus pics

Mar 4 blog Mar 3 blog Mar 2 blog Mar 1 blog


The next couple of days I was exhausted. A bit of a come down from the stress and excitement maybe. The weather was perfect too but I simply had to rest, then get home

So where to from here? The majority of people I’ve spoken to regarding this job know my strong feelings towards my brand. You know these three little letters, OXS. Basically right now I’m making decisions based on where I want to be in a years time. Neither option is a completely inside the box way of life. Neither will be boring or lead me to feel trapped. I think.

There is still shortlisting for this job and I still have some pondering to do. All I know is that I will be avoiding a way of life that places me inside the box with the majority of people.

I guess you could probably call me a little lucky 😉

See you at the beach!



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Alive In New Zealand – Ep 6

Each month I try to create an edit that stimulates me on many levels. One is that it makes me want to do it all over again. Another is that it’s simply a pleasure to watch. Action packed moments combined with the slower, more scenic ones are equally important.

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Decembers episode has manged to make me feel those things so I won’t delay. Here is the sixth installment of Alive in New Zealand

The footage from both January and February has been shown and is waiting to be edited.

See you at the beach!



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Alive In New Zealand – Ep 5

Well it’s better late than never. The end of 2016 saw me pretty well swamped so here is Novembers footage all crammed together into my favourite monthly video!

I’m already stoked for Decembers episode so stay tuned!

Whiri coast blog

See you at the beach.


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Dear Omaha & Your Holiday Crowds

Omaha, much like every small coastal town has been swelling slowly in population for a month or so now. With Christmas in a couple of days and the holiday season upon us, this is my open letter to Omaha.


Dear Omaha,

First and foremost I’m hoping the weather treats you right this holiday season. The year has been far too moist (yes moissst) and now it looks like the tap is firmly turned off. Prickles aplenty and sweaty beach towels are in order.

The roads, ahhh yes the roads. Think of Matakana like a mini Auckland. Infrastructure built for twenty years ago with no planning for growth. How you all plan to get around the area over the next wee while is testing to say the least. I would imagine if people used indicators, at least attempted to drive up near the speed limit and had general courtesy for other road users it would flow better. Silly idea, so lets not do that.

The beach. Don’t leave your bloody rubbish on it. Just don’t! Respect other people in and around the water and if you have a brand new SUP for Christmas then learn some surf etiquette and stop being a prick.

The locals. Welcome the holiday makers to the area, be friendly and happy. They will be gone soon ha. We don’t have to put up with it for too long and if you’re onto it like I try to be, then you’re probably doing a runner from the area anyway.

The holiday makers. I would have said Aucklanders but there are people from further away. Have some respect for the area and the people. You may be on holiday but a lot of us aren’t so keep that in mind. Be friendly. I know in the city no one really says hi to strangers but up here we do. I find it really rude when you just stare at me with a ‘what was that about’ look on your face. Lastly enjoy the area. Go catch the fish, swim in the sea and swing those golf clubs while you can. It’s a pretty beaut area.

As for myself I guess this is my sign off for the year. It’s been a big ole weird but thoroughly enjoyable one. 2017 will see a bit of rebranding for what I’m doing here and possibly a move. I have enjoyed so many hours spent doing the things I love and I only want to turn it up some more. Finding those that can keep up is proving to be the hardest part.

Enjoy the Christmas buffet and all it brings. If you came here for videos then you can check last weekends action below

I’m coming in hot to 2017 and I’m feeling more motivated than ever. Take note local youth, some of you are getting a stir up in the new year.

See you at the beach!


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40 Hours


Pretty simple really. The standard definition of the work week. 9-5. Get up in the morning, go to work then come home. Until you’re 65, then retire.

Sounds easy enough. Sounds absolutely horrifying if you hate your job, 40 hours can be an eternity.

40 hours when you’re self employed isn’t enough. There’s no clocking out at 5pm and not having to give a shit until the next morning. In busy times, like I am very deep in currently don’t seem to end. This blog post is getting typed at 9pm on a Thursday night as I’m nearing the end of a nice little 14 hour stretch.

Last Saturday was pretty much a full day of work which can be a little tricky when it comes to making a vlog but here it is

Sunday the  sun was out and there were a few small waves around. The wind was also up a lot more than we realised

So why be self employed? Why sign up to the well over 40 hours a week grind? To me it makes me feel a little less plugged in. Not part of the “system” and boy oh boy is it rewarding! I will take it over pretty much anything.

Good luck searching for your 40+

See you at the beach!


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November Sun

I’ve discussed the horrible weather this year far more times than I care to remember. November….. The sun came out.

We got there in the end, the long days are here and the monthly wrap up is here. See it below

You can find the vlog of the month as well as all the vlogs on OXS TV or in the pop up cards attached in the video.

Picture of the month was this fine display at Whiritoa down Coro!


The next wrap up will be coming to you in 2017! Phew.

See you at the beach!



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Summer Is Here!

Well duh!


Thanks for this blindingly obvious statement. Why is is important?

To me personally, it’s not really. Hobbies go on year round and my habits don’t really deviate. For the average person and more specifically the “I can’t wait for Summer” types then yes! This season is important.

Having just spent the first official weekend of Summer practically alone with about 47000 cancellations it’s got me thinking and this is going to come off as a bit of an attack. Firstly though here is Saturdays vlog consisting of cancelled dives and skim, even though I still did both

Sunday was a comparative rest day but still got some action in. Also was 8 months with a drink!

Right and now for the attack. I don’t mind the odd bit of confrontation. I bully people but I consider my bullying practices the kind where I bully you into the things you said you were going to do but don’t get around to it. With it being warm now my suggestions is to Get. Off. Your. Bloody. Ass. And go do these things before you’ve missed another Summer and Winter is your excuse.

Time and time again I see this and the one big excuse I get from people now is time. We simply don’t have it. We’ve got our lives to the point where most of us don’t have a day to just cruise about. We go to work for too long just so we don’t have any time for ourselves. What time we do have we spend consuming substances we don’t need and don’t have the energy to do anything a little bit different. Think about this before it offends.

How many people focus their weekend around where they can drink beer? With whom? Then think about how consistently on a week by week basis this happens? Then bring the years into it! I would go as far as saying this is the lifestyle habit of average New Zealander. There is no problem if we mixed in a healthy dose of other activities into it. But we don’t. Seriously think about it. Imagine if all of us did the things we’ve always wanted to do as often as this fail safe option.

We would live different, fitter, healthier, happier and more vibrant lives with a few less inches around our waist.

 Don’t believe me? Go try it.

It is Summer after all.

See you at the beach!