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Big Snapper & Frosty Camping – Alive In New Zealand – Ep 13

If i had to rate my month in terms of favourites, July would certainly be top 3 of the year. The water was cold and clear. The weather was mainly the same.

Here’s a shot of the action that YouTube deemed not worthy of monetization (assuming it’s because there’s dead animals in it)

Fush 2 blog

Peep the full 16 minute video below

Excellent times with excellent people.

See you at the beach!


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Nature Nerd

Lately I’ve been really nerding out of that thing called nature. I have always loved the outdoors and have always prided myself in having a child and adulthood mainly spent outside.

Gannet blog

As you may know New Zealand is nice. I would sell it harder but honestly we have plenty of tourists as it is. One thing we don’t really have though is killer animals. You know like Lions and Snakes and shit like that.

When it comes to the ocean though, we have killers. Most we know about, some we don’t. It has been terrible for diving the last couple of months so I haven’t seen as many as I would have liked to. Yeap I want to see them!

This afternoon I saw something leap out of the water. My first thought was a big Shark. A bluey grey colour makes me thing Mako. I didn’t want to jump to a conclusion so I just assumed dolphin but with no fins, spray or jumping in the little while after bring me back to Mako. This is awesome! Just nature doing nature and only a couple hundred metres off the back of one of my favourite dive spots. Wasn’t a baby either.

The Far North has it’s fair share of these predators and I have been spending a bit of time there recently. The last trip was to try and spear a Marlin. I’ve dropped a heap of vlogs as usual so you’re welcome to dig a little deeper in OXS TV. The day below consisted of huge dunes, big wave and weather forecasting for the next day

Game day. As far as being nervous goes, this day was up there.We went out so try find a Marlin to spear. I was to be alone in the water in a pressure cooker situation. Here’s the day

As I get a little older I’m feeling more drawn towards this sort of stuff. After seeing what I’m pretty sure I saw today (what a mouthful), I flew the drone over the area in the hope I could spot something, did a little work out then just went back to the water and stared. Fascinated.

Long term I want to get a lot more involved with this sort of thing and document it. Nature tearing nature a new ahole is weirdly fascinating and I want to be part of it.

See you at the beach!


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NEW SERIES: Alive in New Zealand

How long have you been a New Zealander?

I have been one for 30 years and (almost) 4 months and you know what, it is pretty sweet!

I have done enough travel to very happily sit down and realise that I really love it here. We have tens of thousands people moving to this country each year thanks to our lifestyle and security down here at the bottom of the world!

On a personal level I love this place for it’s outdoors way of life. I can go anywhere in the world to walk into people in big cities but not everywhere in the world has the level of freedom we do in the outdoors. Within a hour for Auckland in any direction you can do pretty much anything. Anything!

Kaitoke Adam tugg blog

With water always close by and an absolute necessity for my own sanity, I can see the focus of this new series be heavily errrrr….. Wet!

For now, here is the idea with this series. A monthly edit of all the fun footage and things we get up to which is what episode 1 exactly is! Check it below then read a little bit about the long term goal is 🙂

OK! Long term and the pipe dream is, to make an ongoing series the will feature activities such as skimboarding, surfing, winching, spearfishing, fishing, boating, camping, climbing and basically anything fun! Think a fishing show but with actual variety. A collection of interesting activities that would appeal to a wide audience. Nothing too targeted, just fun!

I think the monthly format could do with being longer, sort of a cross between a fancy edit and vlogging.

So there it is, episode 1 is live and the August episode is over half filmed. If this sounds like a little bit of you then get in touch, you can’t work all the time!

See you at the beach!



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Oh July

It’s now August! This means that we’re in the last technical month of winter, which means we’re edging closer to summer.

This is great for some things, bad for others. July was super fun even though it was spent dodging storms and tackling the cold water head on. Here is the month in review

Vlog of the month was this walk to a new and absolutely beautiful spot

Picture of the month which couldn’t sum it up any better


August is already off to a ripper!

See you at the beach.



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What Do You Do?

Is this the most commonly asked question when meeting someone new? I think it probably is, well besides asking someones name.

I’ve been thinking about this plain little question a bit and I will quote my friend Jimi Hunt from Live More Awesome here “I think it’s a lazy question. Most people don’t actually like what they do a hell of a lot so why make them talk about it?”

I eat, sleep, shit like everyone else. I work, which I feel that’s what you were asking?

It seems what we do for work is the most interesting thing for people, which isn’t interesting. It’s boring. Is your work boring? Mine is, it just has a greater highlight reel than most.

Creating a business and brand around the idea of doing whatever I want is a lot harder than you’d think. You probably think it’s hard and like I said, it’s harder than that. I have bills to pay and a mouth to feed so I need to make a certain number of change each week just to survive. Lucky for me I’m not too lazy to make my lunch, I don’t have a drug or alcohol addiction and overall know how to live fairly cheaply.

This week has been spent in front of the computer, writing and editing from the last little trip away amongst other things. I went away again for work, or should I say “work”. The beauty of this creative business is that I can go away and enjoy myself for work. Consider it branding and advertising as I don’t make substantial money off doing it but it really adds to what I do! So here it is below, a little bit about what I did last week.

Thursday myself and good friend Mike took off to the Far North swell chasing. We woke early Friday and hit the beach for a day of smiles

With an easing swell and fine weather we were up early Saturday, beach bound. This place we skimmed in the arvo is actually scene to our best couple of skims ever, sadly it isn’t in form currently

And they don’t call it Sunday Funday for nothing do they? Why not walk for fricken miles in bare feet? I don’t regret it but I will wear shoes next time

So there it is, a little slice of what I do. Stay tuned for more highlight reels.

Maria Mike blog

See you at the beach!


PS What do you do?

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Mid-Winter Blues

We’ve had some rain this year and by saying “some rain” I mean all the rain. It just hasn’t stopped.

We strolled into Summer in a dry spell then wham! Christmas eve and it’s Omaha only flash flood. It seems to have been really nice or really bad since Christmas courtesy of the El Nino weather patterns.

Blues blog

Last Thursday rolled around and it was the same old thing with rain. Then at 12:45am Friday morning I awoke to flashes of lightning and what can only be described as the heaviest rain we’ve had here. I peered into the garage to see the ground was wet. Perfect, time to get to work. A little bit (a lot) of scrambling and a few hours and failed photo attempts later I was back in bed.

Friday Omaha was smashed. Flooded houses and properties. Check out Saturdays vlog where I document some of it including the flooded Golf Course on Friday morning

Sunday I truly didn’t know what to do. Bad weather, surf and a place to clean. Still managed to scratch around

It’s been that shocking that I’ve decided to go to the Far North again as of Thursday evening, the waves are calling.

Marias blog

On a side note stay tuned to my main YouTube channel, I have some fun stuff dropping over the next week!

See you at the beach.


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June You Sexy Thing!

Last Winter was a real buzz. I’m not quite sure why but maybe it’s the cold water and the lack of people out there enjoying it.

The month of June has just passed and it was right up there in terms of enjoyment, I’m talking wayyy up there! Find out what went down below

Vlog of the month

Pic of the month

Blue Cape blog

July is already off to a ripper of a start. Picture Southern Right Whales 😉

See you at the beach!


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Adventure NZ Podcast #1 Adventureman Dan

The topics of podcasts has been something I’ve taken particular interest in for a few years now. To be perfectly honest I don’t watch (if we’re talking video) or listen to too many but I get quite into the ones I do.

I’ve wanted to do one for a couple of years, every so often I’d think about. More recently I’ve thought about it a lot more and realised it was time to pull the trigger.

Seek blog

First up we have a friend of mine I finally managed to catch up with after a few months of contact. I would love to fill you in with words but that would defeat the purpose of the podcast wouldn’t it. Dan is from America and is somewhat of a skilled and very enthusiastic spearfisherman with plenty of great things to say about New Zealand.

Dan blog 2


Find the video podcast below

And even a downloadable (I think) Soundcloud link

We spent a few days tripping about in the far north, you can find the adventure on OXS TV here or on the blog post from the trip.

On a serious note I have penciled this podcast in for a once a month type thing which I feel is achievable. I would love to feature people with opinions, interests and skills that suit the Adventure NZ tag so feel free to nominate someone! I already have a few people lined up. I’ve figured it’ll take a while to find my feet with this but it’s going to be a blast!

See you at the beach.


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The Mice Played

Mid week last week rolled around and it was time to hit the road again. The team of Mice, consisting of my Dad, Uncle, a friend from America and myself were heading north for a few days of fun, in and on the water. The cat (my Mum) was heading south for a weekend doing whatever cats do.

Dan dunes blog

A long drive on Thursday night brought me to Houhora in good spirits and good weather.

Friday morning we got out on the water for a very green and quiet spear. The afternoon could be the most scenic and enjoyable few hours I’ve had lately. Check it

North Cape was Saturdays destination. North Cape is more north than Cape Reinga in case you didn’t know. We dove there at New Years with some bronzies. We ate shark on Saturday. Find it here

Sunday was moving day and a rather spontaneous filming of my first video podcast which I believe will be live this Sunday

I’ve shot a heeeeap of images up north in the last couple of weeks so I will think I will throw together a separate blog post featuring them as well as a couple of videos.

Cape blue blog

Stay tuned for the podcast. I will see you at the beach!


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The Wild Horses Of Spirits Bay

Horses are funny creatures. Most are contained to a paddock, forced to be ridden by us humans. The lucky few are let to roam free, exploring the wide open expanses of the country side without a care in the world (I assume).

Horses 2 blog

I’ve visited Spirits Bay in the far north of New Zealand many times now and have seen a horse or two on most of these visits. Once or twice they’ve even been standing in the middle of the road.

On this day they were perched high up on the cliffs just standing and watching. I popped the drone up in the air expecting them to scarper like domesticated horses do and nothing. They did nothing. One battery of shooting later and I had this little production below which I feel is possibly my best work to date!

I am super happy with the results, they only thing I wish I could change is that I shot another batteries worth of footage. You can see the vlog from the day here

Please feel free to share this clip around!

Horses 4 blog

See you at the beach.