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Custom Van Build – Insulation & Epoxy Floor

When it comes to setting up the perfect van build for myself I had a few things that were important in mind.

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One was for it be be warm and dry so obviously insulation was important.

I also wanted it to be fairly water resistant as my ute indicates that she will be seeing a few fair damp bodies in its time.

I also wanted to keep it as light and simple as I could.

First up, after scouring many many videos online the insulation was installed but I would prefer to do it another way next time. All is detailed in the video below

When it came to the floor I needed to retain as much headroom as possible with the build so keeping it thin, strong and water tight were the things that were the most important to me. As again it’s all detailed below

Overall she’s looking good and a lot further on that these videos suggest. At the time of typing this the moving day is 9 days away.

Stay tuned for the ongoing updates as I am covering it in a weekly build fashion.

See you at the beach!


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My Life Is Going More Mobile – Custom Van Build

What does a home mean to you? Is it a home or just a house? Maybe you’re only there to lay your head at night or maybe you spend all your time there, bored.

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I’ve always loved the idea of a Campervan. Recently as I pulled up to a campsite in the rain, on the coldest weekend of the year I really wished I had one.

So here I am, it’s time. I’m chucking in this paying rent thing we do (well the bulk of it anyway), bought a van that I’m fitting out and I’m on the move. I don’t really have a plan, this is no Summer move or a two year thing, it’s just a move. It could be and probably is a business move as I want to build more so it’s much like the property market, just smaller. It’s also going to be my mobile office where I can edit, upload and produce all my content from while not being at my desk at home.

Check out the intro video here

As for vehicle specs, it’s a 1998 Fiat Ducato 2.5 turbo Diesel. Straight enough especially considering the year and has plenty of room. I’ve been waiting a few weeks to start advertising this as I didn’t want it to affect anything at my current residence which now that I’ve given my notice, it doesn’t matter.

As I delve deep into this life I will fill you in on the details and I’m documenting it all.

See you at the beach!