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There’s No Kingfish Like A Stoned Kingfish

Kingfish. The hard fighting, delicious tasting and desirable fish of the sea. They almost always put up a great fight whether it be on a rod or on a spear.

The one below measured in at 97cm and around the 13-14kg mark. A nice fat, delicious fish that wasn’t a tough fight due to excellent shot placement. Just a slight wiggle, opened it’s mouth and started to sink.

I managed two almost identical fish this day and is included in the vlog here.

See you at the beach.




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Up Close And Personal With A Southern Right Whale

I spend a lot of time at the beach and around the coast. Like a lot. I’ll use the time frame of the last 18 months and during this time I have seen whales at the beach three times.



I would say this is probably about one percent of my visits, probably less. So when I do manage to see one (or however many there is) I try to pounce. So far this year we have spotted and captured two Southern Right Whales about 1.8km off of Muriwai and a pod of Orca at Waiwera. I feel if I spent more time out on boats I would probably see more but I’ll stick to the examples I have.

Here is a clip I recently threw up on Instagram and had some great feedback so here it is on YouTube, forever!

All I will say is that GoPros with a floaty backpack attached point straight down when floating. This was actually shot mid last year on a Friday afternoon. A friend coming running around home and said there was a whale in the bay which very quickly changed my plans for the rest of the day. Here’s the resulting drone video

Shooting whales can be a sensitive topic. Hell even putting the words “shooting” and “whales” together can be a sensitive topic.

The plan is to one day be able to shoot them from in the water which will happen. I could just be waiting a while.

See you at the beach!






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Good Move GoPro – Hero 5 & Drone

When you hear the word GoPro what do you think of? For me I think action sports, compact form factor and far too many people taking photos with a foggy lens.

Having been a very active user since the release of the Hero 3, I eagerly await the release of new product with todays release not a disappointment.

The Karma drone has been long promised and even longer awaited with last years postponement and no new Hero line up for a couple of years. Today both were delivered so I figured I would throw my two cents in.


It looks like they’ve got the thing fairly well dialed in a very impressive form factor. It will fit the Hero 4 black and silver as well as the new Hero 5 black and session. The most impressive thing is that you can remove the gimbal and have a stabilized camera handle which is cool. The only con I see is it’s lack or range which I’m assuming is down to it’s Wifi connection. Not a deal breaker but a limiter.

Hero 5 session.

I’ve been through a few of the old ones due to waterproofing issues. They claim they are waterproof which they are, just not all the time it seems. Anyway in terms of size and ease of use, they are second to none. The mic works well and has been improved as well as the addition of 4K and fricken image stabilization. That right there is amazing. They’ve also added voice control which I’m sure will be overused but has it’s place.

Definitely worth a purchase for the average user.

Hero 5 Black.

It looks like they’re throwing around the ease of use thing here and with the addition of a touchscreen back it looks like that’s been achieved. The image stabilization is the thing that really excites me here. I’m not sure of the level of waterproofing and now with it being housingless and claimed waterproof down to 10M, I would be wanting a traditional housing for diving and surfing anyway. I was just about to write how I’m kind of surprised they didn’t add RAW image capture seeing a lot of phones are now doing it but it appears they have 😉

The software. I don’t think I will be using it but the average consumer it should be gobbled up! Ease of use and very mobile seems to be the strategy here which is pretty ideal for those who love travelling.

The good.

Image stabilization, the handheld gimbal and drone.

The bad.

I’m still suss on the level of waterproofing but I feel like this could be a fairly isolated couple of experiences.

If you’re looking for a drone then I would definitely think the Karma is worth a look. If you’re an average consumer who just wants an easy to use, durable camera, get the session. There will be some deals going on the Hero 4 series with this release.

Will I be purchasing anything? Not yet but I definitely like what they’ve done here.

Here’s a couple of my favourite GoPro images I’ve shot!








Now to see how they GoPro shares go after this release!

See you at the beach!


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We Tugged The Grass

When it comes to challenging conditions to film in, this is about as tough as it gets.


Two guys (the minimum you can have when winching), A LOT of rain, wet grass and 150m or area you need to shoot.

Two GoPros and the housing thrown around the A6000 and we were ready to winch the grass, something we haven’t done before! Check the Minute Massacre below

Imagine the fun you could have with a few extra hands? Oh yes 🙂

Until next time, I will see you at the beach!


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Snooping The Snaps

Ahh yes Snapper. The kiwi favourite, found in abundance and targeted by fisherman and spearfisherman everywhere.

While they are pretty straight forward to catch on a rod, underwater it’s a different story. Spooky is the best way to sum them up. You have to see them before they see you, most of the time.

I say most of the time because the first time I swam over this ledge I spotted it and I’m pretty sure it spotted me. A quick little burley, a new angle of attack and BAM! Check it below

Beautiful eating as you more than likely know. You can find the full trip in last weeks blog post hereeeeeeeee

See you at the beach!