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Sailing the Hauraki Gulf – Alive in NZ – Ep 21

Every month I try to produce a wrap up video of the month. I don’t usually achieve this and get considerably behind. Case in point, the latest episode that is finally live and is a bit of a stunner. Here you goooo

The segment this episode is named after doesn’t do New Zealand justice. Video never really does but we had a lot of chat in amazement about what we have on our doorsteps.

Churrrr NZ, you absolute beaut.

See you at the beach!


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Boating & Marine Sports Content Creation

Hands up if you like the water? To say I do is an understatement.

I am now offering services based around the Boating and any marine based sports and industries. This ranges from boat shoots, fishing, surfing, scenic, sales, social media, video, photo, documentary, diving aaand you get the point. The options are basically endless. More details are in the video below

Own a business and need to show it off to the world? Then I have plenty of options to suit. Want to capture the true feeling of a Game Fishing trip? I can be there shooting it all. Have you been on trips with your mates and are looking to capture it? I know how to do it! Water sport event won’t film itself? I can do it!

Capturing the adventure in still form is a favourite of mine, from under the water to multi layer aerial panoramas suited for canvas or framed prints. Here’s a few favourites.

Talk More blog

One of the caves at Goat Isand

Jase pic blog

Underneath the action

FC blog

Motorsport applications? No worries.


Exploration to some of New Zealands remotest coastline. We are actually in this shot.

Nearly there crop blog

A classic pano of home. The original copy is over 10000 pixels wide!

Boat 3 blog

New Zealand love their boats. All applications are suited.

I quite literally have thousands of photos that I could add but if you’re curious for more then I suggest keeping up on Facebook or Instagram.

You can of course view my video work here on YouTube.

Creative ideas, plans and pricing are all available by emailing me or call me 0211297511.

See you at the beach!



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Boats, Golf & Water

It’s taken me a long time to work out my direction with my business.

GBI Drone Me 5 blog

From starting making skimboards in 08, which sold quite well. Expanding a bit into screen printing and finally making some effort to expand my future in the content creation world.

You see when you have so many things on the go it’s hard to get anywhere.  I like too many things so when one thing is going well I want the others to which I feel tends to take away from the momentum of  thing that was working. Put simply 10 10’s don’t make 100. Basically what this means as of late is that I’ve had to make a few decisions as to my future and I feel the photography and videography is where I’m heading.

The areas I’m focusing on are the boating and marine industry, golf and lastly, shooting all the stuff I enjoy shooting. The dream of making an outdoors based show is being put at the end of the list of priorities.

I’ve been on a few projects lately which have fitted the bill nicely. That has of course been a couple of videos for a local business supporting Emirates Team New Zealand. Below is a vlog or behind the scenes from one of the videos

You can check the videos on full on the Matakana Botanicals Facebook page.

As for the future I know what I’m targeting, how to “get it out there” and most importantly I’m feeling focused on it!

Phew! Time to get to work.

See you at the beach!


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NEW SERIES: Alive in New Zealand

How long have you been a New Zealander?

I have been one for 30 years and (almost) 4 months and you know what, it is pretty sweet!

I have done enough travel to very happily sit down and realise that I really love it here. We have tens of thousands people moving to this country each year thanks to our lifestyle and security down here at the bottom of the world!

On a personal level I love this place for it’s outdoors way of life. I can go anywhere in the world to walk into people in big cities but not everywhere in the world has the level of freedom we do in the outdoors. Within a hour for Auckland in any direction you can do pretty much anything. Anything!

Kaitoke Adam tugg blog

With water always close by and an absolute necessity for my own sanity, I can see the focus of this new series be heavily errrrr….. Wet!

For now, here is the idea with this series. A monthly edit of all the fun footage and things we get up to which is what episode 1 exactly is! Check it below then read a little bit about the long term goal is 🙂

OK! Long term and the pipe dream is, to make an ongoing series the will feature activities such as skimboarding, surfing, winching, spearfishing, fishing, boating, camping, climbing and basically anything fun! Think a fishing show but with actual variety. A collection of interesting activities that would appeal to a wide audience. Nothing too targeted, just fun!

I think the monthly format could do with being longer, sort of a cross between a fancy edit and vlogging.

So there it is, episode 1 is live and the August episode is over half filmed. If this sounds like a little bit of you then get in touch, you can’t work all the time!

See you at the beach!



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Adventure NZ Podcast #2 The Past & Future Of Skimboarding In New Zealand

Waves blog

Straight from the depths of skimboarding in New Zealand, I feel there isn’t two people more qualified to discuss this topic.

The past is very simple to speak on seeing we were the two who first started making boards. As much as I would love to fill you in with all the talk, that would defeat the purpose of the Podcast.

Check the video below

Soundcloud link and download

My love affair with skimboarding is set to continue. As for next months podcast I feel a surfing related one is in order.

See you at the beach!


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Smiles For Miles :)

Big wins are what we’re all aiming for in life, eeeeeespecially when it comes to self employment. It’s bloody hard to win big. Hell it’s hard to win small.

The last week I feel I’ve had a few small wins, which is fantastic.

Onehunga 4 edit

Beginning with a shoot for the Thundercat Racing Association last Saturday I was greeted with huge powerlines, partial no fly zones and less than ideal weather. This ruled the drone out as I don’t fly if I’m on the fence about it. Some 500 or so pictures later we were wrapped up. I learnt a lot this day which you can find out about here

You can find a gallery more in full via Facebook here.

Sunday was the fairly standard winter affair but we managed to shoot another podcast (which is edited and set to go soon) and a little solo dive

And of course the barrier. If you follow what I do at all then you may be aware that I’m quite fond of the place. Over the last year or two I have put out A LOT of content from the place. This week my drone video which was shot in April has been my most well received piece of content, to date!

The video and associated blog post went live on Tuesday and has amassed 2200 views on YouTube with the blog post being shared 783 times at the time of writing. This is huge for me and a great confidence booster. I feel I may be doing a few more aerial specific shoots from now on.

Find the blog post here.

Awana glow blog

That’s it for the week, I’mm off to get a fish or two (hopefully).

See you at the beach.


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Great Barrier Island NZ – A Drones Perspective 4K

Great Barrier Island lies in the outer Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand, 100 kilometres (62 mi) north-east of central Auckland. With an area of 285 square kilometres (110 sq mi) it is the sixth-largest island of New Zealand and fourth-largest in the main chain. Its highest point, Mount Hobson, is 621 metres (2,037 ft) above sea level. The local authority is the Auckland Council.

The island was initially exploited for its minerals and kauri trees and saw only limited agriculture. In 2013, it was inhabited by 939 people, mostly living from farming and tourism. The majority of the diverse environments (around 60% of the total area) is administered as nature reserve by the Department Of Conservation. In 2009 the island atmosphere was described as being “life in New Zealand many decades back”, not without some positive emphasis.

Those couple of paragraphs were provided by Wikipedia, here is may take on this wonderful place.

“The Barrier” is located in plain site for a few part of the coast from Auckland north. While it’s merely just a blip on the horizon for most people, to some it’s home, to us it’s an outdoor adventure paradise. Unlimited activities range from the many walks/hikes, camping, fishing, spearfishing, surfing and skimboarding. Basically whatever you want to do you can do it here!

This blog post is about my latest aerial video but I just want to reinforce my love of the place! We’ve been several times now to skimboard, surf, get burgers (yes you read that right) and most of all, live. This year was the best year yet and here is the aerial stimulation I know you’ve been craving

I would love to plan a trip there just to shoot but with so many of my own interests I kind of spend the time tripping over myself trying to fit it all in.

Here’s a couple of images that hopefully speak for themselves

Park up blogAwana glow blog Fog awana blog Medlands spot blog Why you mad blog Windy blog

I have already made a few posts on here so if you’re keen to see what happened on the trip in more detail then find it on this blog post here. If you enjoyed this then please feel free to share it to those who may also enjoy it.

I can’t wait to get back, those cliffs at Medlands definitely need to be reshot on sunrise!

As always I will see you at the beach!


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Adventure NZ Podcast #1 Adventureman Dan

The topics of podcasts has been something I’ve taken particular interest in for a few years now. To be perfectly honest I don’t watch (if we’re talking video) or listen to too many but I get quite into the ones I do.

I’ve wanted to do one for a couple of years, every so often I’d think about. More recently I’ve thought about it a lot more and realised it was time to pull the trigger.

Seek blog

First up we have a friend of mine I finally managed to catch up with after a few months of contact. I would love to fill you in with words but that would defeat the purpose of the podcast wouldn’t it. Dan is from America and is somewhat of a skilled and very enthusiastic spearfisherman with plenty of great things to say about New Zealand.

Dan blog 2


Find the video podcast below

And even a downloadable (I think) Soundcloud link

We spent a few days tripping about in the far north, you can find the adventure on OXS TV here or on the blog post from the trip.

On a serious note I have penciled this podcast in for a once a month type thing which I feel is achievable. I would love to feature people with opinions, interests and skills that suit the Adventure NZ tag so feel free to nominate someone! I already have a few people lined up. I’ve figured it’ll take a while to find my feet with this but it’s going to be a blast!

See you at the beach.


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First Look At How I Tugg

Ahh yes tugging. Not everyone does it, not everyone wants to do it.

First look edit blog

All I know is that it is time to tell you more about Tugging. I am of course referring to part of my business, Tugg Winches.

Check the video below for a look inside

I’m unsure whether to tell you that these are a highly sophisticated piece of kit or pretty simple. You be the judge.

This is my favourite Tugging clip to date

Apllications are suited to skimboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, wakeskating, snowboarding and whatever else you may want to have a good tugg at.

Priced at $2950 including nationwide freight which is fairly standard pricing. I’m about to start a build on another one!

Not to be confused with another sort of tugging. Obviously.

As always feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more or are keen to demo one!

See you at the beach.


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Mild Mid May

Yeap, the title says it all really. After a warm and incredibly wet Summer it feels like it’s still kicking on with unseasonably warm temperatures.

Now that I’ve said it you can blame me for the pending cold snap ha.

Home time blog

It’s been warm this week as mentioned and that water is still plenty warm. Warm enough to still have plenty of “Bronzies” hanging around. I had a large 7-8ft bronzie swim up and over me from behind last Saturday. So close that I felt something was there and much to my delight I saw this huge object just off the top of me (think 1-2ft) coming in from behind. He seemed calm but it certainly got the heart pumping. Check the days action here (big shark not on film sadly)

Sunday was pretty cruisy with big plans for the arvo. Those plans were pulled short as the winch managed to get itself airborne. Noted

And as of a couple of hours ago I just dropped this Minute Massacre from the barrier. This was pulled from one of the vlogs but I enjoyed the clip so much I redid it a little and uploaded it!

Pheww and now it’s time for the weekend.

Simple blog

See you at the beach.