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New Home

I’ve lived at Omaha pretty much my whole life and while the title hints that may change, I’ll let you in on a little secret.

The title has nothing to do with that. It does however have everything to do with the home page changes we’ve made this week on this here site!

I’ve been slacking a little bit on how I want this website viewed but I love the idea of having a homepage that encourages you to click on this here very active blog! Try it out here and let me know what you think!?

The last week has consisted of rain, rain and rain. Last week I touched in sprearing my biggest Kingfish to date at 25kg! I managed to squeeze in an extra vlog featuring it which I don’t suggest you watch if you’re not into the bloody part of spearing fish

Saturday cut up rough earlier than expected and taught us a few lessons on equipment maintenance and how to lose big fish

Sunday the sun managed to come out for a little while so I shot some drone footage which came out pretty clean as well as a freeeezing skim session. Check it below

What a brilliant last week all things considering. Winter doesn’t have to long to go so lets get out there!

I have a minute massacre dropping Saturday from an urban winch session on the grass that had us buzzing so stay tuned.

Horse blog

As always, I will see you at the beach.


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Hit Or Miss

How much do you enjoy Winter?

I enjoy it a lot! It’s cold, most people are inside (hits) but the weather over all this year has been about as good as a shit sandwich. Not very (miss).

I think it’s the shorter days and even shorter windows of opportunity that I love. For the most part, you miss. I’ve been missing mostly lately, especially in the water. The surf has been mainly off this year, the wave skim has been absolutely terrible, the spearfishing of late has been mainly off.

Flipper blog

There has been two “hits” lately with a spear in hand. One was a couple of week ago with my best snapper and one was today with my best kingy at 25kg. Shallow water and reef isn’t ideal but what matters is that it is now filleted 😉 I have a vlog going up in a couple of days with the action.

I feel I’ve been having a few “hits” lately with the photography lately and am thoroughly enjoying it. Like A LOT! Having a nice camera that I can shoot RAW photos and a nice video codec (nerd alert).

Last Saturday was another slight miss underwater but I scraped together some nice from Goat Island below water

Sunday again was another day of misses with the weather and spearing. Fun none the less

On a side note, Thundercat?

Here’s to more hits. I like hits!

See you at the beach!


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Matakana Wine Trail – A Drones Perspective 4K


Now that I have your attention here is a little project I’ve been working on for longer than expected. The whole process of shooting it took far longer than it should have due to the fact it’s been raining half of every week this year. The wind was also excessive through that time frame, so most of this was shot in very small, fine looking windows.

Soft blog

What do I know about the Matakana Wine Trail? Not much to be honest. I’m not the sort of person to be seen hanging around sampling in the weekends but I do think vineyards for the most part look absolutely fantastic, especially from the air.

Here you go, hopefully you like it as much as I do!

Now for the question on everyones lips, which one is your favourite?

Firstly there’s more vineyards in the trail than was featured here but there was a couple of standouts. One I would say for views and the other for the condition of the property. They’re not paying me to say it so I’m not going to say it ha. You can have your own opinions.

Takatu Pano blog

Featured vineyard details are below

Takatu Lodge
Runner Duck Estate
Herons Flight
Brick Bay Wines
Ransom Wines
Hinemoa Estate
Jones Road Cider

Feel free to share this around, maybe someone can fill me in on who makes the best wine!

See you at the beach.



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Interrupted Workflow

I’m late!

With this blog post.

Why? Well a few reasons but one was a small little breakdown with some of my printing gear on both Thursday and Friday. Friday it ground to a halt completely so here I am writing about something that isn’t really relevant. Late.

The week was work filled but the weekend was spent at a Skim Jam organised by one of my team riders, Josh Worsley at Cheltenham. The days action is below.

Chelt 2 blog Chelt 3 blog Chelt 4 blog Groms 1 blog

Sunday was a real beauty spent in the water catching a feed then up the coast at Waipu Glow Worms and taking snaps around Mangawhai

Caves 1 blog Caves 2 blogMangawhai Heads 1 blog Mangawhai Heads 2 blog

We’ll finish this weeks post off with my highlight. I dropped a video recap of the the shark experience at Leigh from couple of weeks ago! Peep the video for a documentary style slice of fun

So that’s it, I’m back on track. I’ve got something very exciting to show you soon!

See you at the beach.