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Matakana Wine Trail – A Drones Perspective 4K


Now that I have your attention here is a little project I’ve been working on for longer than expected. The whole process of shooting it took far longer than it should have due to the fact it’s been raining half of every week this year. The wind was also excessive through that time frame, so most of this was shot in very small, fine looking windows.

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What do I know about the Matakana Wine Trail? Not much to be honest. I’m not the sort of person to be seen hanging around sampling in the weekends but I do think vineyards for the most part look absolutely fantastic, especially from the air.

Here you go, hopefully you like it as much as I do!

Now for the question on everyones lips, which one is your favourite?

Firstly there’s more vineyards in the trail than was featured here but there was a couple of standouts. One I would say for views and the other for the condition of the property. They’re not paying me to say it so I’m not going to say it ha. You can have your own opinions.

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Featured vineyard details are below

Takatu Lodge
Runner Duck Estate
Herons Flight
Brick Bay Wines
Ransom Wines
Hinemoa Estate
Jones Road Cider

Feel free to share this around, maybe someone can fill me in on who makes the best wine!

See you at the beach.



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Yay For May

May was fairly trying for myself. The weather…. Oh boy the weather and your moods. The rain, wind and occasional sunshine made the month of May pretty tricky. Find the monthly video wrap up below

I do discuss professional people in this so if this is you then please get in touch. I’m ready.

Vlog of the month

Pic of the month (lucky to get a nice morning)

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Winter is now here but you’ll still see me at the beach!



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Mt Tamahunga – Matakanas Mountain

Have you ever looked at Mt Tamahunga from the eastern side (lets use Omaha for example) and realised how much of the landscape it dominates?

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It’s a lot. So much so, that the sun actually sets earlier in the northern end of Omaha, than the southern end. This only applies over the colder months as the sun slides to the south in Summer.

It is the biggest peak in the immediate area, not that there’s much to challenge it. With a moderate level of fitness the walk from Omaha Valley Road only takes about a hour. It can take longer if you miss the first sign posting in the dark and wander off down the farm tracks but that’s a story for another day.

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I shot most of this little clip a couple of months ago and figured I could throw something together out of the footage. Enjoy.

The walk is through dense native bush and is only spoiled by the fact you can’t actually see much when you get to the top. The aforementioned dense bush tends to block the views for most people, making a drone the perfect tool for the job.

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Enjoy the walk if you choose to go. I believe you can attack it from a few sides but I’ve only taken the Omaha Valley Rd route. In case you’re wondering there’s a car park on the left side of the road for it.

See you at the beach.


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Double The Fun

The last week has been quietly satisfying. I’m not too sure why but there has been a series of small wins.

If it weren’t for the weather, which has just been plain rubbish then it’d be pretty much 10/10 out there.

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I have dropped a couple of other blog posts this week, one regarding the first look at Tugg Winches which you need to check out if you’re keen on a bit of tugging. As well as my giveaway for a realllly beautiful looking pano of Omaha. Get along to my Facebook page and share this photo here.

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Hours have been spent this week revisiting older photos and getting rid of some of the garbage. Quite boring but there’s plenty of gems lurking.

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I’ve been out shooting a bit of footage (around this weather) and the last weekend was another great bit of fun! Speared another new spot which was holding some nice fish (not that we came back with any) and another big bronzie spotted off Ti Point. Came in quick and smashed my burley, I was alone at the time so was a good rush to see him chomping some fish heads. Find it here

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Sunday we went and caught the booming West Coast swell then back to Waiwera for a very enjoyable winch session

Ripper of a weekend and a solid week. I managed to jump in the water this morning for a cheeky spear and came back in with two nice Kingfish in a hour. Smoking them up tomorrow, yeahhh boy!

C’mon weather!

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See you at the beach.


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Wining & Dining

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I don’t really drink wine. In fact I don’t drink at all right now.

I do however like man made structures such as Golf Courses, or in this case, vineyards. They always look so out of place in “nature” yet so at home.

The money spent on the upkeep of these facilities is mind blowing when it comes to the upper end of the scale.

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A project I’m currently working on is an aerial video for some of the local vineyards. Styled from a sunrise to sunset setting with all (most) of the rows changing colours at the moment. The biggest hurdle with this right now has been the weather. Last week was wet and grey and this week has been super windy, wet, hazy, with some sun thrown in there. Challenging to say the least.

Besides that last weekend was a fairly mellow affair. Saturday I skimmed out Pakiri and managed a dive

Sunday was a change of plans with a local shore dive and an evening shoot that I really enjoyed

Looks like this weekend is forecast to be a bit of windy mess but I’m sure there will be something to do 😉

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See you at the beach!