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We Found Two Southern Right Whales At Muriwai

I touched on this in the last blog post but here is a little edit of two wonderful creatures we saw way off Muriwai Beach last Sunday.

We first spotted a waterspout and a little bit of colour. What is it? No idea.

Approximately 1700m later is when I located a whale on my screen. A minute or so later I safely identified it as a Southern Right Whale. A minute or so after that, much to my surprise I saw the other whale.

2 x Whale blog

Two Southern Right Whales just cruising to the north approximately 1800m off the sand dunes. ¬†Were the seen by anyone else? I don’t know. Peep the video below!

It’s intense flying that far out requiring your full concentration. I guess take off to landing was a little over the 10 minute mark.

While I have your attention you can see the last video I shot of a Southern Right at Omaha last year

Nature is great isn’t it!

See you at the beach.