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Golf Photography & Videography New Zealand

Golf is a love or hate sport. Millions of people around the world are in love with the game. Millions of people think “chasing a little white ball around is stupid”.

Little do those people know is that the balls come in more colours than just white ha.

I’ve spent a lot of time on Golf Courses over the years. Hours upon hours practicing, mowing greens in the dark, playing tournaments and generally loving the manicured, green environments they provide.

The sport of Golf here in New Zealand is popular but my feeling towards how clubs market themselves are a little out of date. Social media and online applications are king and golfers love to see their favourite courses from different angles. In fact I would rate golfers as some of the most enthusiastic about their chosen sport. Social media engagement tells me this.

Before I get into a few more details, check the video below.

What does this mean for clubs? It means advertising that works. It gives the golfers a taste of what they can play, the views and colours of the course, the warm up before the warm up. You can pitch content towards corporate groups as to why they should be playing your course. Excite the members about playing their course and attract new ones to it!

For tournament golfers and those wanting to analyze their swing, it means high speed swing capture to see if you’re putting the club where you should be (or shouldn’t).

For social groups it means professional video and photos for your own personal and social uses. Document your 4 day golfing trip anyone?

With video certainly painting a bright picture, still photography has it’s own place

G blog 1

Professional shots of professionals. Mike Hendry wedging into Omaha’s 13th.

G blog 2

Suited for social applications!

G blog 3


G blog 4

How bad does this make you want to play.

G blog 6

A unique perspective I mentioned earlier.

G Blog 5

Seasonal weather events are some of my favourite shots.

So there you have it, some examples of what I can do for you. I’m sure this blog post could go forever but if you’re interested about what I can do for you or your club then please email me

See you on the greens.


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My First Taste Of A Golf Course Focused Edit

My first real memory of playing golf was standing in the grassed reserve across the road from our house. Dad told me to hit the ball back towards the house. “What if I hit the house?” A cautious Sam asked.

“Don’t worry you won’t” A foolish father replied.

A bounce off the driveway and that’s how I broke my first ranchslider window.


The spot I hit that ball from is pretty much directly under the 1st green at Omaha Beach Golf Club which is in the video.

I spent years playing golf and working here so it seems somewhat fitting to now be shooting images of the place. I’ve actually featured the course in plenty of footage before but haven’t done anything Golf Course specific so here it is. It’s not much but I’m working on something much bigger then intend to hit a lot of the clubs up for similar content!

Looking forward to shooting more images of these highly manicured patches of grass so stay tuned.

See you at the beach!