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Orewa Thunder!

Last Saturday was fun! I spent the majority of the day huddled under a tent shooting footage of fast boats racing each other in the surf!

One flipped during practice and there was some tight racing. I am of course talking about Thundercats and the reason I was huddled under a tent was because it rained and blew the whole time, straight onshore. A good bit of fun for the boats but it made my job pretty difficult.

This meant no drone which I was the most excited for and I shot the day fully on my A6000 switching between a high speed shutter for stills and a much slower shutter for video. It performed surprisingly well so here is the video!

Some pictures from the day

orewa-3-blog orewa-6-blog orewa-9-blog orewa-14-blog orewa-16-blog orewa-18-blog orewa-28-blog

More pictures are on my Facebook Page.

Looking forward to the next one!

See you at the beach.