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Off the Shelf Spearguns… Finally

Running a business is hard. Running a varied manufacturing business with limited time is hard. Spearfishing is hard.

Luckily for you and something that isn’t hard is buying and using one of my off the shelf Spearguns. I have finally managed to get some items ready to buy on the online shop in the most popular set up to date. The Aupo model in 110 with twin rubbers and a 7.5mm shaft has been by far the most popular set up and that’s exactly what these are made in. Dig into the video below for a look.

And your gallery.

If these or a custom sounds like a bit of you then feel free to get in touch.

See you at the beach.


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Rubber up – Bulk Speargun Rubber & Pre Made Rubbers

Spearguns are no use without rubber. Rubber is the power behind the gun so with some tight, well set up rubbers and good looking rubbers it’s a fantastic way to tie it all together.

I bought a fair bit of the stuff a little while ago to service my own product and now have it up for sale via the online store. Think importing it at a surprisingly large cost.

So far I only have the ever popular black but would like to think I’ll be able to get colours in the future. 14mm and 16mm options are available now by clicking here.

I can also set you up with some full Dyneema tied bands. These have a serviceable wishbone meaning you don’t have to take the entire rubber apart, look great with the rounded tips on the rubber and customizable Dyneema colours. All sent to you at a pretty reasonable cost. You can shop rubbers here.

So there you go.

See you at the beach!


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Custom 110 Speargun New Zealand

When I set out making Spearguns all I really wanted for myself was to have a powerful, well performing, good looking package that felt nice to shoot.

For everyday use that was a 110, twin 16mm rubbers and a good, hefty shaft at 7.5mm. More powerful than a standard railgun package, better feeling and still fairly compact. I completely underestimated how popular this particular set up would be with this particular fresh build set up to that exact spec. You can watch the video to find out everything about it

Pictures below

Control central
NZ made trigger mec!
NZ wood, NZ mec, Italian shaft
Legal marks for Blue Moki, Butterfsh and Blue Cod. Kingfish mark is further back.

So there we have it, another look at a crisp and clean weapon. You can view the blog post with all Speargun updates here.

See you at the beach!


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OXS Composite Spearfishing Fins

Composite blades look pretty simple right? Right.

They’d be fairly easy to make right? Wrong.

Holy heck these little pieces of composite are intricate little pieces of kit. I’m really not sure how many sets I made, made really wrong, tested, broke and tinkered with until I made some that were really, really good. And these are them

Here’s a look at some in Pathos pockets

Look closely for the carbon

$320 sent to you nationwide is a pretty sweet price to pay for more pedal power, lower levels of energy consumption and more bottom time. I usually have a pair or two available for purchase on the online store or feel free to get in touch.

See you at the beach!


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Custom Spearguns made in New Zealand

I’ve always been proud of NZ made goods and when I set out making Spearguns I had that pretty firmly in mind.

Fist up I went straight to getting parts I could actually get and over time I have transitioned to a New Zealand timber in the form of Matai and a NZ made trigger mec. I’ve done a fair bit of digging for the rest of the parts and was really hoping to get a NZ made shaft to complete the guns. After much digging around it turns out that was to be placed in the too hard basket, so they come from Italy.

In short, requirements for my Spearguns were to be

  • Powerful for their size
  • Good looking
  • Simple & uncomplicated
  • Durable

The amount of tinkering involved has been considerably more than you’d think so lets take a look at a few in video form

Now the Aupo model is made to fit all of the above criteria. Colour customization was quite important to me which is somethibg a little different to wood guns and the composite sides increase durability substantially.

To wrap this blog post up I’ll finish with pricing and process. These aren’t cheap guns. Hell I’m pretty sure you can buy a gun for what one of the shafts cost. At the time of writing my pricing is set at $750NZ for a custom item. Most guys want to choose colours and things so I have to make it all for you which takes a little time but I’m working hard on some stock items as hinted in one of the pics.

Feel free to get in touch if you’re looking for something for yourself.

See you at the beach!