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Alive In New Zealand – Ep 5

Well it’s better late than never. The end of 2016 saw me pretty well swamped so here is Novembers footage all crammed together into my favourite monthly video!

I’m already stoked for Decembers episode so stay tuned!

Whiri coast blog

See you at the beach.


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Accepting Feedback

One thing when I set out at the start of this creative journey was to gain feedback. Whether you like it or not, everyone is curious about what everyone thinks.

Yellow brick road blog

You can legitimately care what others think and have the good and the bad affect you. While it doesn’t affect me, I am curious as to what others think about what I’m doing. Not so much those who have no real interest but those that are awake and paying attention. It helps me learn and makes decisions when I’m on the fence with things.

I asked for an opinion in my latest vlog and to my surprise I got a fair amount of positive feedback. Excusing the odd hick up, one thing I am very happy with is the feedback and interest I gather is positive! Even from strangers I’ve never met and probably will never meet. This gets me stoked about what I’m doing. Check the vlog here

There’s four big things in my life that I focus on. Skimboarding, surfing, spearfishing and of course capturing it all on camera. It seems people want to see these things relatively evenly. This gets me stoked again so this is the focus. Just to a bigger and better level. I have a wholllllle heap of other ideas but those require money and more importantly time. The latter being the thing people don’t really want to seem to spend.

To finish with and the whole point of this weeks blog post is if you’re reading this or viewing any of my content, hell if you’re seeing my in real life! Then I would love your feedback whether it be good or bad. I’m all ears.

See you at the beach!



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What The Hell Happened?

I’m back to work and routine. Well sort of. The whole New Years trip is edited and all online except for one more vlog. I shot over 220gb of footage which consists of 11 separate vlogs and videos to YouTube. Add a couple more because I want to do a couple of smaller edits of a couple of places.

Pohu sunset blog

This week consisted of editing, some lawn mowing, some skimboard manufacturing, skimming and some diving. The water is warm and the weather is hot and dry for the most part. Workers are back at work and kids on holiday are busy sharing their same, generic beach photos.

So this brings me to the point of this blog post. With no late nights, alcohol or other substances consumed over the “holiday period” I’ve done well to be able to sit here and wonder what the hell even happened? It all went by in a flash and it’s halfway through January already! 2018 is only a few sleeps away!

Plans for the next wee while are getting some boards pumped out through the shop, gym, a rebuild of sorts in the workshop, getting ready for a potentially huge couple of print jobs, several blog posts and getting back on the road late this week for the next round of Thundercat action.

Anniversary weekend is pretty soon which means the busy holiday period will implode on that last afternoon.

I usually share the vlogs in this blog post but there’s been so many I don’t really feel like adding them so I will kick it off with the first one and you can follow from there if you wish OXS TV

The dream and goal for this year is somehow move towards being more of a full time creator. I’m a very firm believer is that I need a lot more inclusion from rad people to make this happen.

Lastly we’re on at the Mount this weekend (21-22) for the next round of Thundercat racing so if you’re around then come along!

See you at the beach.


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Dear Omaha & Your Holiday Crowds

Omaha, much like every small coastal town has been swelling slowly in population for a month or so now. With Christmas in a couple of days and the holiday season upon us, this is my open letter to Omaha.


Dear Omaha,

First and foremost I’m hoping the weather treats you right this holiday season. The year has been far too moist (yes moissst) and now it looks like the tap is firmly turned off. Prickles aplenty and sweaty beach towels are in order.

The roads, ahhh yes the roads. Think of Matakana like a mini Auckland. Infrastructure built for twenty years ago with no planning for growth. How you all plan to get around the area over the next wee while is testing to say the least. I would imagine if people used indicators, at least attempted to drive up near the speed limit and had general courtesy for other road users it would flow better. Silly idea, so lets not do that.

The beach. Don’t leave your bloody rubbish on it. Just don’t! Respect other people in and around the water and if you have a brand new SUP for Christmas then learn some surf etiquette and stop being a prick.

The locals. Welcome the holiday makers to the area, be friendly and happy. They will be gone soon ha. We don’t have to put up with it for too long and if you’re onto it like I try to be, then you’re probably doing a runner from the area anyway.

The holiday makers. I would have said Aucklanders but there are people from further away. Have some respect for the area and the people. You may be on holiday but a lot of us aren’t so keep that in mind. Be friendly. I know in the city no one really says hi to strangers but up here we do. I find it really rude when you just stare at me with a ‘what was that about’ look on your face. Lastly enjoy the area. Go catch the fish, swim in the sea and swing those golf clubs while you can. It’s a pretty beaut area.

As for myself I guess this is my sign off for the year. It’s been a big ole weird but thoroughly enjoyable one. 2017 will see a bit of rebranding for what I’m doing here and possibly a move. I have enjoyed so many hours spent doing the things I love and I only want to turn it up some more. Finding those that can keep up is proving to be the hardest part.

Enjoy the Christmas buffet and all it brings. If you came here for videos then you can check last weekends action below

I’m coming in hot to 2017 and I’m feeling more motivated than ever. Take note local youth, some of you are getting a stir up in the new year.

See you at the beach!


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40 Hours


Pretty simple really. The standard definition of the work week. 9-5. Get up in the morning, go to work then come home. Until you’re 65, then retire.

Sounds easy enough. Sounds absolutely horrifying if you hate your job, 40 hours can be an eternity.

40 hours when you’re self employed isn’t enough. There’s no clocking out at 5pm and not having to give a shit until the next morning. In busy times, like I am very deep in currently don’t seem to end. This blog post is getting typed at 9pm on a Thursday night as I’m nearing the end of a nice little 14 hour stretch.

Last Saturday was pretty much a full day of work which can be a little tricky when it comes to making a vlog but here it is

Sunday the  sun was out and there were a few small waves around. The wind was also up a lot more than we realised

So why be self employed? Why sign up to the well over 40 hours a week grind? To me it makes me feel a little less plugged in. Not part of the “system” and boy oh boy is it rewarding! I will take it over pretty much anything.

Good luck searching for your 40+

See you at the beach!


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November Sun

I’ve discussed the horrible weather this year far more times than I care to remember. November….. The sun came out.

We got there in the end, the long days are here and the monthly wrap up is here. See it below

You can find the vlog of the month as well as all the vlogs on OXS TV or in the pop up cards attached in the video.

Picture of the month was this fine display at Whiritoa down Coro!


The next wrap up will be coming to you in 2017! Phew.

See you at the beach!



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Physical Boundaries


I remember turning 30 quite well. I dreaded it for a few years actually. 30! As far as I’m concerned as you’re growing up 30 seems really old.

Speaking to older people they insist, I’m still young. I do feel young and this is where I’m going with this little post. When I talk about physical activity with people I hold myself to a very high standard. In our culture of tall poppy cutting down it is quite difficult to market and express your desire to be fitter, stronger and better than everyone.

That is my approach. Not only do I want to be able to do everything, be fitter than you and do it for longer but I neeeeeed to be able to. I don’t stop and I pride myself in doing this. Last weekend really highlighted that. Saturday we had the absolute hammer down for about 12 hours straight. Two skim, a surf, two steep and longish bush walks in bare feet. My body has felt is this week but that could be down to the skim and winch sessions since ha. Check the day below

Sunday after waking up and checking the conditions which we decided to flag on the skim we set about the day. Cloud cover and a bit of wind meant options were endless but not overly great. A fairly event free dive followed by several traffic jams on the way home and that was a wrap for the weekend

31 is coming up in about 5 months and with almost 8 months with no alcohol I’m very keen to see what sort of physical boundary I can keep pushing. I’m definitely the most fit I’ve ever been but it’s not going to stop. My only personal beef with myself is that I can’t quite get excited about working on mobility exercises. I’m hoping to meet someone that can inspire me in this department at some stage.

Another cracker of a weekend is planned for the first weekend of Summer!

See you at the beach!


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Alive In New Zealand – Ep 4

Boy oh boy was October productive!

You’ll be please to know I spent plenty of time in the water, some fish were harmed in the making of this and most importantly…… It was a bloody good time!

On a final note this year is almost over which quite frankly disturbing.

You know where to find me (hint it’s the beach).


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Hammer Down

Usually in my weekly write ups I like to try pick a topic and write something thought provoking about it. I think.


This week the hammer is down so I don’t have time to drink coffee and pick my own brain. I’ve had my best week on the spear with Snapper as seen in Saturdays vlog. I managed a couple more on Wednesday.

Sunday was a day to just cruise about. Managed to shoot some tasty drone footage to finish the weekend off

As for this weekend and why the hammer has been placed on the floor, we are off to Coro to hopefully score some long awaited wave skim! I’m not sure when I’m coming back.

See you at the beach!


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Finding My Style

Photography and videography. What do you like about it? I bet the colours, the style and of course the actual imagery all have a big part of it. Sometimes a big part that people don’t realise is the personality behind it that’s selling it to you.


This is a huge thing and is why some “Youtubers” are so popular. It’s them, not the actual content.

I believe I found my own personal style and interests a long time ago. I’m more than happy with how I see myself on film vs real life because it’s the same person. My photography style is one thing I’ve struggled a little bit with. Just this week I’ve been thinking a lot about this. I just typically snap away with whatever I’m doing and capture images. Slightly more focus is what I’m after and I do know what I don’t want to do.

There’s plenty of photographers travelling the world photographing the exact same places that everyone else is and it’s become so boring to me. Think the bloody Wanaka tree and how people go there to photograph what is just a shit tree in a lake. Creativity and skill in my opinion is hardly set to high and my interest has waned. Focusing more on my skill set is where I’m currently at and going to pursue!

Anyway last Saturday was a bit of an eye opener. I spend far too much time by myself and not because it’s my first pick. It’s because it’s the way it is and I like it!

Sunday I rose far too early and started shooting a little short film called “Addict”

I think I’ve found my style now. I’ll have to go take a dip in the ocean later to ┬áponder it.

See you at the beach!