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What Do You Do?

Is this the most commonly asked question when meeting someone new? I think it probably is, well besides asking someones name.

I’ve been thinking about this plain little question a bit and I will quote my friend Jimi Hunt from Live More Awesome here “I think it’s a lazy question. Most people don’t actually like what they do a hell of a lot so why make them talk about it?”

I eat, sleep, shit like everyone else. I work, which I feel that’s what you were asking?

It seems what we do for work is the most interesting thing for people, which isn’t interesting. It’s boring. Is your work boring? Mine is, it just has a greater highlight reel than most.

Creating a business and brand around the idea of doing whatever I want is a lot harder than you’d think. You probably think it’s hard and like I said, it’s harder than that. I have bills to pay and a mouth to feed so I need to make a certain number of change each week just to survive. Lucky for me I’m not too lazy to make my lunch, I don’t have a drug or alcohol addiction and overall know how to live fairly cheaply.

This week has been spent in front of the computer, writing and editing from the last little trip away amongst other things. I went away again for work, or should I say “work”. The beauty of this creative business is that I can go away and enjoy myself for work. Consider it branding and advertising as I don’t make substantial money off doing it but it really adds to what I do! So here it is below, a little bit about what I did last week.

Thursday myself and good friend Mike took off to the Far North swell chasing. We woke early Friday and hit the beach for a day of smiles

With an easing swell and fine weather we were up early Saturday, beach bound. This place we skimmed in the arvo is actually scene to our best couple of skims ever, sadly it isn’t in form currently

And they don’t call it Sunday Funday for nothing do they? Why not walk for fricken miles in bare feet? I don’t regret it but I will wear shoes next time

So there it is, a little slice of what I do. Stay tuned for more highlight reels.

Maria Mike blog

See you at the beach!


PS What do you do?

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Action Packed Weekends

Taking photos and making videos is fun, that’s why I do it. Doing it consistently is key as well as making it interesting.

Forest blog

I set out about two years to do exactly that. Keeping it interesting isn’t that difficult, I get around the place and have interests in a few things, so consider that box ticked.

Consistent “constantly adhering to the same principles, course, form, etc.” I feel this is the biggest thing to building a platform especially in this modern, internet based age where everything is at your fingertips. This doesn’t mean it’s hard, it’s just a lot of work! I’ve never kept count but there’s certainly a few hours tied up in the Adobe suite each week.

2 x Whale blog

The last weeks vlogs are of course out on time and very interesting. Saturday saw a dive that wasn’t the most productive and a freezing shoot with the drone

Sunday! Boy oh boy was it interesting. Whales, surfing, skimming and laughing. How your Sunday should be

Cheers to the last and here’s to more content!

Omaha Pano cold blog

See you at the beach.


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June You Sexy Thing!

Last Winter was a real buzz. I’m not quite sure why but maybe it’s the cold water and the lack of people out there enjoying it.

The month of June has just passed and it was right up there in terms of enjoyment, I’m talking wayyy up there! Find out what went down below

Vlog of the month

Pic of the month

Blue Cape blog

July is already off to a ripper of a start. Picture Southern Right Whales 😉

See you at the beach!


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Feeling Good Man!

I’m feeling good man.

This coming week, on Monday, is the three month mark without an alcoholic drink. I don’t really consider this a particularly big deal but I do put it down to feeling so good.

Just go blog

Fitness and health is such a huge part of my life and it’s something I don’t give much thought to. Several years ago and more specifically the last couple, I made the conscious decision that to operate at a high level consistently, then I had to be fit and healthy.

Day in, day out, what do I have to lose?

Nothing. That’s what! Good food and physical activity, day in, day out is key. I hit the gym a few times a week but I really feel strongly about having physical hobbies and lifestyle.

Eating well is probably harder than staying active but with so much fresh fish at my disposal and an interest in good food makes this a fairly straight forward transaction.

How do we push fit and healthy lifestyles to people who simply don’t want to hear it? It’s a tough one, as most in the fitness game think gym selfies and general douchebag tendencies is what’s needed.

It isn’t.

While I would love to get into it I feel it would be better suited to a podcast topic at a later date but I am well aware it is bloody hard to push fitness and health without coming off as arrogant or full of yourself. I realised this (again) when I tried to film a little segment in last weekends vlog and had to do several takes because self confidence, especially in our tall poppy chopping society of New Zealand doesn’t allow this talk. Find the vlog below

Sunday was Tugg day once again with a fun session even in partial sunlight. Then I went to shoot some drone shots in severe wind

That’s it for the weeks blog, I could have very easily rambled for hours about my true thoughts on fitness and health but I will save it for another time.

Sloth Tugg blog

I’m feeling good man.

See you at the beach!


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Double The Fun

The last week has been quietly satisfying. I’m not too sure why but there has been a series of small wins.

If it weren’t for the weather, which has just been plain rubbish then it’d be pretty much 10/10 out there.

J 1 flip blog

I have dropped a couple of other blog posts this week, one regarding the first look at Tugg Winches which you need to check out if you’re keen on a bit of tugging. As well as my giveaway for a realllly beautiful looking pano of Omaha. Get along to my Facebook page and share this photo here.

Giveaway edit blog

Hours have been spent this week revisiting older photos and getting rid of some of the garbage. Quite boring but there’s plenty of gems lurking.

What lies Beneath blog

I’ve been out shooting a bit of footage (around this weather) and the last weekend was another great bit of fun! Speared another new spot which was holding some nice fish (not that we came back with any) and another big bronzie spotted off Ti Point. Came in quick and smashed my burley, I was alone at the time so was a good rush to see him chomping some fish heads. Find it here

Shark blog

Sunday we went and caught the booming West Coast swell then back to Waiwera for a very enjoyable winch session

Ripper of a weekend and a solid week. I managed to jump in the water this morning for a cheeky spear and came back in with two nice Kingfish in a hour. Smoking them up tomorrow, yeahhh boy!

C’mon weather!

Kingy blog

See you at the beach.


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April – Why It Was Rad!

April was the best month so far this year!

That’s a big call seeing this year has been pretty flipping good. Check the recap below

Work, work, work.

Favourite vlog of the month that wasn’t from The Barrier. This day ended up super fun for how bad the weather was!

Photo of the month

Cliff Top blog

See you at the beach.