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Alive In New Zealand – Ep 6

Each month I try to create an edit that stimulates me on many levels. One is that it makes me want to do it all over again. Another is that it’s simply a pleasure to watch. Action packed moments combined with the slower, more scenic ones are equally important.

6er blog

Decembers episode has manged to make me feel those things so I won’t delay. Here is the sixth installment of Alive in New Zealand

The footage from both January and February has been shown and is waiting to be edited.

See you at the beach!



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Physical Boundaries


I remember turning 30 quite well. I dreaded it for a few years actually. 30! As far as I’m concerned as you’re growing up 30 seems really old.

Speaking to older people they insist, I’m still young. I do feel young and this is where I’m going with this little post. When I talk about physical activity with people I hold myself to a very high standard. In our culture of tall poppy cutting down it is quite difficult to market and express your desire to be fitter, stronger and better than everyone.

That is my approach. Not only do I want to be able to do everything, be fitter than you and do it for longer but I neeeeeed to be able to. I don’t stop and I pride myself in doing this. Last weekend really highlighted that. Saturday we had the absolute hammer down for about 12 hours straight. Two skim, a surf, two steep and longish bush walks in bare feet. My body has felt is this week but that could be down to the skim and winch sessions since ha. Check the day below

Sunday after waking up and checking the conditions which we decided to flag on the skim we set about the day. Cloud cover and a bit of wind meant options were endless but not overly great. A fairly event free dive followed by several traffic jams on the way home and that was a wrap for the weekend

31 is coming up in about 5 months and with almost 8 months with no alcohol I’m very keen to see what sort of physical boundary I can keep pushing. I’m definitely the most fit I’ve ever been but it’s not going to stop. My only personal beef with myself is that I can’t quite get excited about working on mobility exercises. I’m hoping to meet someone that can inspire me in this department at some stage.

Another cracker of a weekend is planned for the first weekend of Summer!

See you at the beach!


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How October Went Down!

October usually means wind, warmer weather and hay fever if you’re lucky enough to get it!

This October was exactly that, it even slightly bucked the torrential rain trend of 2016 and eased up a little bit. Cameras and a boat were purchased, the surf seems pretty hit and miss but the chill has left the water and we’re into it!

Check the monthly wrap up below

Check out the vlogs of the month on OXS TV or hit the cards on the video up top!

Aerial picture of the month


Picture of the month from on the ground


November is here and Christmas isn’t far away. Oh Boy.

See you at the beach!


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A Simple Life

Ahhh yes the joys of living a simple life. Not sitting in traffic for a hour to get to work, not having to do it again in the evening, spending time with people you enjoy, spending time doing the things you enjoy.


That’s what last weekend and the first long weekend of the “Summer” season was all about. If you didn’t know, over the course over Labour weekend, that little stretch of road between Warkworth and Omaha is an absolute joke. A tent pitched on the sand sounded like a bit of me.

Friday arvo rolled around and my enthusiasm led me to the beach where I spent the night. Saturday was nothing but laughs and good times. Find it here

Sunday the sun was out and the water was calling. Almost too much of a good time

Monday and after a few rough nights sleep I was off home to recover (I feel I still am)

As far as simple living, this was a great example as long as you ignore the handful of camera batteries that I have to keep charging. Now here’s where I discuss a little bit of what we’ve been discussing lately. We live in a world where mental and physical health issues are on the rise. So is divorce, bullying and basically all the bullshit that is bad.

What is it that makes our way of life seemingly flawed? Is this endless pursuit for financial wealth at the expense of time, the reason it’s turning pear? When was the last time you took some time off to just do something you enjoyed?

Overall and what seems like the excuse everyone has, is that we don’t have the time.

My suggestion is go make some, while you have some.

See you at the beach!