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Alive In New Zealand – Ep 6

Each month I try to create an edit that stimulates me on many levels. One is that it makes me want to do it all over again. Another is that it’s simply a pleasure to watch. Action packed moments combined with the slower, more scenic ones are equally important.

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Decembers episode has manged to make me feel those things so I won’t delay. Here is the sixth installment of Alive in New Zealand

The footage from both January and February has been shown and is waiting to be edited.

See you at the beach!



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The Wild Horses Of Spirits Bay

Horses are funny creatures. Most are contained to a paddock, forced to be ridden by us humans. The lucky few are let to roam free, exploring the wide open expanses of the country side without a care in the world (I assume).

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I’ve visited Spirits Bay in the far north of New Zealand many times now and have seen a horse or two on most of these visits. Once or twice they’ve even been standing in the middle of the road.

On this day they were perched high up on the cliffs just standing and watching. I popped the drone up in the air expecting them to scarper like domesticated horses do and nothing. They did nothing. One battery of shooting later and I had this little production below which I feel is possibly my best work to date!

I am super happy with the results, they only thing I wish I could change is that I shot another batteries worth of footage. You can see the vlog from the day here

Please feel free to share this clip around!

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See you at the beach.


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My #1 Reason Why I Love Aerial Photography

I’ve been flying and shooting with drones for coming up two years now and love it. I love being able to put the camera in the air and follow things about. Flying that little (in the case a Phantom) machine about really does draw a lot of attention, which oddly enough is the least interesting part of it to me.

The how far, how much does it cost, what do you do with the photos etc etc type question do get pretty old, pretty quick.

While they are incredible pieces of tech, my main and number one point of interest from the very start, was being able to put a camera in a place I physically can’t get to. This image of the wild horses at Spirits Bay in the far north really got me thinking about this. I was about 100m below and 300m away when I shot this. I certainly wasn’t prepared to get too close in person for the fear of being stampeded. Do horses even do that? Unless I had an actual helicopter and a huge lens, there was no real way to get this snap without a drone. The weird thing is that they weren’t bothered the slightest by this little machine buzzing about.

Horse view blog

I wouldn’t be able to get this shot any other (realistic) way and holds true for so many images. Here’s a couple more of my favourites.

Cliff Top blogWhale Chris blogCauseway 3 resize

I’m dropping a 4K edit of these horses on Monday so you can hold your breath until then. Or just browse my YouTube channel while you wait.

See you at the beach!