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About 95% of what I do I find quite fulfilling. My work is certainly that, my hobbies (which I’m trying to make into work) are fulfilling and the people I spend time with add to all this.

I don’t buy into the fact that we all need to go to uni and have boring careers all our lives. The race to “get ahead” when no one knows what they’re getting ahead of.

As a country our mental health statistics are shocking and you only have to look around to see how our physical health is looking. Divorce is what… 50% or so?

Basically what I’m getting at is fulfillment is what makes me tick. Am I a great example? Probably not. Do I reaaaaally enjoy what I do and want to do it more? Yes! Below is an example

I will target a group here for an example but if you’re into your 30’s and doing nothing but working, eating pies and drinking every weekend away…. You. Need. To. Go. Find. Fulfillment.

Put a list together of all those things you’ve always wanted to do. You need to get your own physical and mental wellbeing into a good place where you want to get up. Your social circle needs to add to this. Your partner, if you have one, needs to encourage this. YOU need to.

If you don’t you’ll be let wondering what could’ve been and no one wants that.

Anyway, I’m off to the Far North in a few hours and if you’re looking to sign up to a mailing list then sign up to mine here.

See you at the beach!


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It’s the time of year we’re blessed with no crowds, quiet beaches, ice cream headaches without ice cream and wetsuits.

Team blog

To people who don’t skim, surf or spear the immediate reaction every time is, isn’t it cold?

Firstly yes. Winter is the opposite of Summer but we don’t do these things to be either warm or cold. We do it because we love doing these things. Simple. I don’t particularly enjoy freezing my ass off for things I don’t enjoy but for things I do wellll….

With the official winter season here, it isn’t that cold. In fact there has been a few Marlin caught this week just off the coast. It’s bloody awful out as I type this though.

Every so often a little session comes along that you will remember for some time. Last Saturdays session was exactly that.

As for those of you not into the outdoors then enjoy the next six months or so inside. I’m going to be out there with a big dumb smile on my face!

See you at the beach.


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Accepting Feedback

One thing when I set out at the start of this creative journey was to gain feedback. Whether you like it or not, everyone is curious about what everyone thinks.

Yellow brick road blog

You can legitimately care what others think and have the good and the bad affect you. While it doesn’t affect me, I am curious as to what others think about what I’m doing. Not so much those who have no real interest but those that are awake and paying attention. It helps me learn and makes decisions when I’m on the fence with things.

I asked for an opinion in my latest vlog and to my surprise I got a fair amount of positive feedback. Excusing the odd hick up, one thing I am very happy with is the feedback and interest I gather is positive! Even from strangers I’ve never met and probably will never meet. This gets me stoked about what I’m doing. Check the vlog here

There’s four big things in my life that I focus on. Skimboarding, surfing, spearfishing and of course capturing it all on camera. It seems people want to see these things relatively evenly. This gets me stoked again so this is the focus. Just to a bigger and better level. I have a wholllllle heap of other ideas but those require money and more importantly time. The latter being the thing people don’t really want to seem to spend.

To finish with and the whole point of this weeks blog post is if you’re reading this or viewing any of my content, hell if you’re seeing my in real life! Then I would love your feedback whether it be good or bad. I’m all ears.

See you at the beach!



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Toes On The Nose – A Little Surfing Clip

Surfing and I have had a relatively checkered past. I started doing it a lot around my early teens (or possibly before) and that’s all I did for a few year. My late teens was my golfing phase of my life and I hasn’t really been until the last five or so years that I’ve really picked it up again.

To me, it’s one of the “Big 4” in my life. The other three being skimboarding, spearfishing and of course documenting it all.

Documenting it all is the hard part. You need reasonable surfers and I’m not a huge fan of just taking snaps of random people. Reasonable waves which sometimes we can wait a really long time for locally. Also out of all the content I create for different genres, I get the most negativity from “surfers” which is a shame and possibly a topic for another day.

There is however plenty of people who are there to enjoy it and I have managed to shoot a little bit lately with said people. This clip is all about the aerial shots and trying to get in a little bit closer. Overall I’m very happy with my operating and I really want to improve on shot composition in the future. Enjoy

Here’s some of the better stills from the day both in the air and on the ground

matt-hat-blog toes-blogbig-board-blog hat-blog vibe

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Alive in New Zealand Ep 2


Did you know that New Zealand has a lot more than just mountains and hobbit holes?

I do and when a lot of people shudder at the thought of Winter, I get out there and enjoy it. The best thing about Winter is that there’s more people inside which means more room for us to do our thing.

Those things include skimboarding, surfing, spearfishing, winching and of course trying to get it all in front of people. The month of August was spent doing exactly that with the bonus of some big fish and even bigger ocean going mammals. Sit back and enjoy episode 2 of Alive in New Zealand!

Ideas are flowing and so is the content. Who wants to get involved?

See you at the beach!


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Adventure NZ Podcast #3 Shaping Surfboards With Morris Surfboards

Matt Surf Hang blog

Surfing has consumed a reasonably sized portion of my life since a young age. I consider it one of the big four interests in my life.

Shaping and the industry is always a fun topic so I figured this podcast may as well be done with a fun Surfboard company. I’ll save the dribble and you can watch the video podcast below

Soundcloud audio and download

Find the webiste and social media links below

Morris website

Pop along to Unit 5/28 Anvil Road Silverdale (behind Ulrich Aluminium)

Please let me know what you think of the podcast, I’m wanting to feature a travel photographer or blogger next month!

See you at the beach!


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NEW SERIES: Alive in New Zealand

How long have you been a New Zealander?

I have been one for 30 years and (almost) 4 months and you know what, it is pretty sweet!

I have done enough travel to very happily sit down and realise that I really love it here. We have tens of thousands people moving to this country each year thanks to our lifestyle and security down here at the bottom of the world!

On a personal level I love this place for it’s outdoors way of life. I can go anywhere in the world to walk into people in big cities but not everywhere in the world has the level of freedom we do in the outdoors. Within a hour for Auckland in any direction you can do pretty much anything. Anything!

Kaitoke Adam tugg blog

With water always close by and an absolute necessity for my own sanity, I can see the focus of this new series be heavily errrrr….. Wet!

For now, here is the idea with this series. A monthly edit of all the fun footage and things we get up to which is what episode 1 exactly is! Check it below then read a little bit about the long term goal is 🙂

OK! Long term and the pipe dream is, to make an ongoing series the will feature activities such as skimboarding, surfing, winching, spearfishing, fishing, boating, camping, climbing and basically anything fun! Think a fishing show but with actual variety. A collection of interesting activities that would appeal to a wide audience. Nothing too targeted, just fun!

I think the monthly format could do with being longer, sort of a cross between a fancy edit and vlogging.

So there it is, episode 1 is live and the August episode is over half filmed. If this sounds like a little bit of you then get in touch, you can’t work all the time!

See you at the beach!



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40 Hours In The Far North – New Zealand

Now this was one of those trips that you shouldn’t really go on. So close to Christmas, a lot happening (including my unofficial Christmas team event) and short notice but hey…. I’d been waiting for this forecast for some time and excuses are for excuse makers.

Enjoy the main clip below

You can also find three days of vlogs on OXS TV here.

I also shot a whole heap of images from the trip as well. I would love to say I could pick one as my favourite but I can’t, so here’s one of Hendos very early on the Saturday

Edit Hendos bog

And some frigen fire from Saturday afternoon

Set up blog

This was Sunday morning again. Still big

Behind the wave resize blog

Of course I can make any of these images purchasable at your request.

See you at the beach!