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Best Bits Thundercat Nationals 2017

With round 1 & 2 now completed over the weekend at Tauranga and the editing well underway (I’m writing this for a bit of a break), I start to compare everything to last season.

2017 was the the first year of covering the Nationals and I didn’t know what to expect. Overall I was super stoked on the series and smashed plenty of buttons to keep the content flowing in a timely fashion. Are these clips the absolute best from the series? I’m not going to say yes but that are damn near good enough! Click the video below

Some photo highlights which you can dig through the full galleries on my Facebook page

The start of what may have been my favourite event of the series.


$5 Thundercat rides were meant to be taken easy. These two got to experience a flip and a free shirt for their troubles.


Preparation is key.

This crew is pretty important to the whole operation.

As for 2018 the first videos aren’t far away so stay tuned!

See you at the beach.


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Spearfishing & Surfing – Alive In New Zealand – Ep 11

Would you be surprised if I said I spent a lot of time in the water in May?

Alive 11 blog

One of my favourite things about putting this series together is looking back and being like yeahhh oh man that was fun. May was fun and the episode from May can be found below!

Winter is now on it’s heels and I’m charging into Spring!

See you at the beach!


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Boating & Marine Sports Content Creation

Hands up if you like the water? To say I do is an understatement.

I am now offering services based around the Boating and any marine based sports and industries. This ranges from boat shoots, fishing, surfing, scenic, sales, social media, video, photo, documentary, diving aaand you get the point. The options are basically endless. More details are in the video below

Own a business and need to show it off to the world? Then I have plenty of options to suit. Want to capture the true feeling of a Game Fishing trip? I can be there shooting it all. Have you been on trips with your mates and are looking to capture it? I know how to do it! Water sport event won’t film itself? I can do it!

Capturing the adventure in still form is a favourite of mine, from under the water to multi layer aerial panoramas suited for canvas or framed prints. Here’s a few favourites.

Talk More blog

One of the caves at Goat Isand

Jase pic blog

Underneath the action

FC blog

Motorsport applications? No worries.


Exploration to some of New Zealands remotest coastline. We are actually in this shot.

Nearly there crop blog

A classic pano of home. The original copy is over 10000 pixels wide!

Boat 3 blog

New Zealand love their boats. All applications are suited.

I quite literally have thousands of photos that I could add but if you’re curious for more then I suggest keeping up on Facebook or Instagram.

You can of course view my video work here on YouTube.

Creative ideas, plans and pricing are all available by emailing me or call me 0211297511.

See you at the beach!



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Boardsports & Watersports – Alive In New Zealand – Ep 8

February was the best month this year, so far! The water was warm and clear. So clear at stages it was hard to believe, for the Gulf that is.

AINZ blog

The best thing about this month is that the holiday crowds have typically gone and we’re free to play. I didn’t quite realise how much play time there was until it came time to edit.

Sit back and enjoy this 12 minutes of action

I sit here frothing over Summer footage as we’ve just had our first two frosts of the Winter. Gaggh.

See you at the beach!


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Battle Of The Bars – My Favourite Thundercat Race Of The Season

What happens when you combine huge clean waves, fast inflatable boats and some people keen/brave/stupid enough to pilot them?

Botb web

Put simply, a butt puckering race that not everyone is going to finish.

Being very new to Thundercat racing and really not much of an idea of the going ons from a spectators perspective, it’s been a bloody great challenge to get it all on film this year. It’s taught me plenty of things about my own style of shooting with the biggest one being that I feel very comfortable with a very strong “run & gun” approach. There’s certainly no rehearsal, just get the damn shot!

The last leg of the nationals saw us out at the Elbow Sailing Club on the Waikato river, a scheduled prop change at Karioitahi Beach, a bumpy ride around Manukau heads then a drag race to the finish in the Waiuku township. The GoPro footage was fairly intense with the huge surf and committed racers. Check it below

As for the 2018 season I’m already thinking big. Better production, more ideas, more content and another great season.

Lastly a huge thanks goes to the organisers and racers. I have enjoyed this far more than I thought I would and I thought I was really going to enjoy it. Seeing a group of people passionate about something that scares the shit out of most people is fantastic. The competition, the beach, the boats and the laughs has got me excited for the next season already!

Look out for Blaze next season 😉

See you at the beach!


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Thundercats Are F*ckin Cool Man!

That’s right the work “Fuck” is in this blog posts title. I just feel I should point this out before someone else does and we can get into this weeks topic.

Thundercats! Do you even know what that is?

FC blog

In short they are small inflatable race boats made to handle surf. They are South African designed and as far as I’m aware will handle pretty much anything you can throw at them.

Having seen coverage on TV in my younger years, I remember thinking how fun it looks but like most things in life that’s where the interest ended. Having paid a little bit of interest in them over the last few years and suggesting to friends about three years ago that the fastest and easiest way to get to Great Barrier Island (where we were at the time) was by the way of a Thundercat, they only laughed. I was serious.

I looked into it a little bit with a couple of friends suggesting that I would get an absolute beating in it. Well excuse me pussies but when has that ever stopped me?

Fast forward to a little while later and having picked up an ex surf club IRB I was close…. But not close enough.

One Sunday evening I was down snapping some pics of a Thundercat on the beach. It turns out it was a local boat and the co pilot was a family friend who we’d known each other for 20 or so years. In short we had a couple of discussions, a few phone calls and it was now up to me to cover the National events. No real direction, just full creative control. Just the way I like it.

So here we are at present day with four national events down and some understanding of what is going on. As with everything I do there is always room for improvement so I’m going to go a little off topic with this next part.

In 2008 I started making skimboards. Before you think of round pieces of wood please realise things have changed in 30 years and we hit rails like skating and shorebreak like surfing. Slowly at first but this grew to where my little company was getting noticed from the other side of the world. We had riders, we were competitive and this is where my interest in getting things on film came from. I wanted to do rider profiles, long videos, shorts videos, interviews, trips away to film and most of all create epic stuff.

Then late 2011 came and it practically died and not slowly. Pretty much over the course of a couple of months skimboarding in New Zealand died and I don’t even know why. I was so close to getting there. So close.

Mid 2016 came along and with my accumulation of too much camera equipment, fun toys that no one uses and my own Thundercat it was time to really work towards something cool. Thundercat Racing in New Zealand was at it’s peak a few years back. I really have no idea of the specifics but my approach to this is like my approach to anything. Simply put I want to put out better content than anyone else in the world so here’s where I stand.

I want to cover all the ins and outs of racing. Think interviews, boat set up, predictions, race recaps, bullshit, banter and of course the action. The action is what brings people in but I believe it’s the personalities and information that keeps them hanging around and sells the sport.

From Waipu next weekend I intend to get a lot more in depth which quite honestly sounds exhausting but that is the way forward. I would love to say bring the glory days back but I would like to surpass that. Plus if they ever get a chopper back in to film I want to be the one hanging out of it!

Here’s the last video from the Mount

Thundercats are fuckin cool man!

See you at the beach!


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Home (for now)


What the bloody hell happened over the last little while? For someone who hasn’t had a drink in over 9 months, this Christmas period has been an absolute whirlwind. I legitimately have to look back through video to work out what I did and where.
Routine is funny like that. Even though I live a fantastically varied life, having somewhat of a routine is what helps me be productive. It’s times like this right now when I come home and have to play catch up. A lot of catch up! I don’t have a fancy laptop for editing yet so all the work has to happen when I get home. This is good and bad.

I have been fairly free from the 24th of December but lets start the story from the 27th. 1600+km in my truck have been added, with the biggest mission being at Cape Reinga for sunrise on the 2nd and down to Matarangi by 9am on the 3rd. I speared my best Snapper and Trevally to date. Got taxed by sharks (again) at Spirits Bay. Had a very successful dive in 60m of water. Almost completely wrote my longboard off. Stayed in a couple of small towns I hadn’t before with existing and new friends. Shot just under 200gb of footage and most important of all, enjoyed it all immensely. So much so that the only real reason I came home was so I din’t get further behind with work.

As for 2017 I have a few unanswered questions. Aside from wanting to grow every platform I have I don’t know if I want to be based in Omaha anymore. The area is growing and as far as getting local inclusion with what I’m doing, it has been a spectacular failure. There’s a few thoughts here

I’m currently locked in my editing room so if you want me then that’s where I will be.

See you at the beach.



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40 Hours


Pretty simple really. The standard definition of the work week. 9-5. Get up in the morning, go to work then come home. Until you’re 65, then retire.

Sounds easy enough. Sounds absolutely horrifying if you hate your job, 40 hours can be an eternity.

40 hours when you’re self employed isn’t enough. There’s no clocking out at 5pm and not having to give a shit until the next morning. In busy times, like I am very deep in currently don’t seem to end. This blog post is getting typed at 9pm on a Thursday night as I’m nearing the end of a nice little 14 hour stretch.

Last Saturday was pretty much a full day of work which can be a little tricky when it comes to making a vlog but here it is

Sunday the  sun was out and there were a few small waves around. The wind was also up a lot more than we realised

So why be self employed? Why sign up to the well over 40 hours a week grind? To me it makes me feel a little less plugged in. Not part of the “system” and boy oh boy is it rewarding! I will take it over pretty much anything.

Good luck searching for your 40+

See you at the beach!


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Finding My Style

Photography and videography. What do you like about it? I bet the colours, the style and of course the actual imagery all have a big part of it. Sometimes a big part that people don’t realise is the personality behind it that’s selling it to you.


This is a huge thing and is why some “Youtubers” are so popular. It’s them, not the actual content.

I believe I found my own personal style and interests a long time ago. I’m more than happy with how I see myself on film vs real life because it’s the same person. My photography style is one thing I’ve struggled a little bit with. Just this week I’ve been thinking a lot about this. I just typically snap away with whatever I’m doing and capture images. Slightly more focus is what I’m after and I do know what I don’t want to do.

There’s plenty of photographers travelling the world photographing the exact same places that everyone else is and it’s become so boring to me. Think the bloody Wanaka tree and how people go there to photograph what is just a shit tree in a lake. Creativity and skill in my opinion is hardly set to high and my interest has waned. Focusing more on my skill set is where I’m currently at and going to pursue!

Anyway last Saturday was a bit of an eye opener. I spend far too much time by myself and not because it’s my first pick. It’s because it’s the way it is and I like it!

Sunday I rose far too early and started shooting a little short film called “Addict”

I think I’ve found my style now. I’ll have to go take a dip in the ocean later to  ponder it.

See you at the beach!


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September You Soggy Thing

The rain started on Christmas eve 2015. Since then it’s either been really nice (briefly) or it has rained. This was basically the story for September. One weekend was a real beauty with the odd day scattered mid week but overall it has been wet.

It isn’t raining underwater however so as usual that has been the focus. Check the monthly wrap up below

Vlog of the month

Pic of the month


October is well underway. Lets go!

See you at the beach!